ID #: 55
Title, Uniform: Isle Of Man C2
Title: THE ISLE OF MAN / Exactly described, and into Several Parish: / Thes divided, with euery Towne, Village, / Baye, Creke, and Riuer therein contey / ned. The bordringe Coasts wherewith / it is circulated in their Situations Felt, and / by the Compasse accordigly Shewed, with / their true distance from euery place / Unto this Island by a Seuerall / Scale observed C2
Map-Maker: Speed
Publisher/Seller: PERFORMED / BY. / IOHN SPEED / ANNO 1610
Plate Date: 1610
Date of Publication: 1610
Inset Map: none
Date Acquired: 21Oct2005
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Height (cm): 37
Width (cm): 50
Media Type: Sheet Map - Folio