Title, Uniform: America
Title: America with those known parts in / that unknowne world - / both people and manner of buildings. Described / and inlarged by I. S. Ano. 1626
Map-Maker: Speed
Plate Date: 1626
Date of Publication: 1676
Publisher/Seller: Tho. Bassett in Fleet Street & Ric. Chiswell in St. Pauls Church yard
ID #: 6
Call #: Pros-AM-020
Engraver: Abraham Goos
Inset Map: TL North Atlantic, North Pole,
Frame Type: Framed - on Wall
Media Type: Sheet Map - Folio
Height (cm): 39
Width (cm): 52
Description: Colored - Excellent - 3rd or 4th state (1676)
References: Brentano's Bookstore NYC
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