Title, Uniform: Cambridgeshire
Title: CAMBRIDGSHYRE described with / the deuision of the hundreds, the / Townes situation, with the Armes of / the Colleges of that famous Vniuersiti.
Map-Maker: Speed
Plate Date: 1610
Publisher/Seller: Performed by Iohn Speede And are to be solde by / Henry Overton at the White Horse without Newgate in London.
ID #: 71
Call #: Thea-CA-010
Inset Map: TL town = Cambridge
Frame Type: Mylar Envelope (large)
Media Type: Sheet Map - Folio
Height (cm): 38
Width (cm): 52

Gold & black border. Four professors 2 & 2 L & R. Leftmost professor appears to wear glasses.

Outline color. Coats of arms have color codes.

Typeset text faintly visible through thin paper completely covering the back.


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