Grilled Onions by James Speed Hensinger

Extremely easy and delicious. Ever wish you could prepare delicious caramelized grilled onion slices as garnishes for your steaks, chops, and grilled sandwiches? Tired of the harsh flavor of raw onion slices? Have you tried grilling onions, only to discover that the slices fall apart disastrously while cooking?


  • Turkey sewing skewers 3.5 - 4 inches long.
  • Onion Slices
    • whole
    • 3/8 inch thick
    • maximum 3.5 inches diameter
    • preferably high sugar content
  • Olive Oil


  • If possible, sharpen skewers by twirling them against a grinding wheel.
Skewer onion slices to maintain their shape while cooking.
  • Place a single slice of onion on cutting board near the edge of the board.
  • Place left hand palm down on slice.
  • Insert a skewer through the edge of the slice, and straight through the center. Skewer should emerge on far side.
  • Rotate slice one quarter turn.
  • Insert a second skewer in same way as first skewer. Skewers should cross in center of slice.
  • Place skewered slices in a single layer on plastic wrap covered plate.
  • Drizzle lightly with olive oil over both sides of skewered slices.
  • May be covered with additional plastic wrap and refrigerated several hours ahead.


  • Using tongs, Cook on grill. Turning to obtain grill marks.
  • Discard plastic wrap on plate.
  • To preserve slice integrity, remove skewers after assembling burgers etc.

Enjoy! James Speed Hensinger


I am dextrally challenged, but have converted the instructions for our right-handed friends.
Yours sinistrally,

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