Title, Uniform: England
Title: The Kingdom of England
Map-Maker: Speed
Plate Date: 1610
Date of Publication: 1627
Publisher/Seller: Sudbury & Humble
ID #: 4
Call #: Thea-EN-020
Engraver: Jodocus Hondius' Flanders
Inset Map: none
Frame Type: Mylar Envelope
Media Type: Sheet Map - Folio
Height (cm): 40
Width (cm): 53

First version. Second version was engraved by Abraham Goos of Amsterdam

"Described by Christopher Saxton, augmented by John Speed, and are to be solde in Popes head alley by John Sudbury and George Humble. Cum Privilegio

TR table with columns for total number of rivers, market towns, etc in each geographic area.

Very Good, colored, corners chipped.

Pencil marginal notation, "Speed 1627", colored, corners chipped.

English text on verso.

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