William Shakespeare

  Baptism April 26, 1564
      Death April 25, 1616

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The character, Speed, a clownish servant to Valentine, appears in the following scenes:

ACT II SCENE I Milan. The DUKE's palace.

ACT II SCENE IV Milan. The DUKE's palace.

ACT II SCENE V The same. A street.

ACT IV SCENE I The frontiers of Mantua. A forest.

Venus and Adonis


"At the end of his career Shakespeare would be publicly exposed with the Jesuit leader Robert Parsons by the historian John Speed, as "this papist and his poet, of like conscience for lies, the one ever feigning, the other ever falsifying the truth.""
- Richard Wilson, Lancaster University, quoting from Speed's The History of Great Britain (London 1611) in Shakespeare and the Jesuits: New connections supporting the theory of the lost Catholic years in Lancashire Times Literary Supplement (Dec. 19, 1997): 11-13


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