ID #: 14
Map-Maker: Speed
Title: INVASIONS / OF ENGLAND / And IRELAND / With al their Ciuill / Wars since the / Conguest.
Date of Publication: 1626
Height (cm): 43
Width (cm): 55

Description not my map

Gordon Leete's eBay listing

Condition: Margins re-built.
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Date Acquired: July 11, 2020
Acquired from: Gordon Leete
Price ($): $$1,200
Title, Uniform: England & Ireland - Invasions
Framed: NO
Media Type: Sheet Map - Folio
Call #: Pros-EN-040
Frame Type: Mylar Envelope (large)
Publisher/Seller: Performed by Iohn Speed and are to be solde / in Popes head alley by George Humble.
Engraver: Corn Danckhertssz
Inset Map: Table BL - 2 columns of text describing invasions.
Title (Label): Invasions of England & Ireland
Label Generated: No