Lurking on the Listservs

By James Speed Hensinger

Here is your opportunity to participate in BCR-CDGROUP, the BCR CD-ROM Group Purchase listserv. Communications on this listserv, just set up on BCR's SUN Internet server, will focus on information about BCR CD-ROM Group Purchases. Information about upcoming CD-ROM Group Purchases and notification of snail-mailings about them will be posted on the list. Discussion may include titles people would like to see added to the group purchase list; installation, support and warranty issues; dialogue about new educational CD-ROM titles on the market; and details about the current Group Purchase.

The semi-annual BCR CD-ROM Group Purchase, organized by the Bibliographical Center for Research on behalf of libraries and media centers, has been a very successful project since it began in 1993. It allows hundreds of libraries to benefit from some of the lowest prices ever on more than 150 popular CD-ROM titles. (See the previous article in this issue for details about the current BCR CD-ROM Group Purchase.)

Some librarians already are subscribed to the newBCR-CDGROUP listserv. The initial membership of this new listserv is more than 100 institutions that participated in past BCR CD-ROM Group Purchases and whose staff members provided BCR with their respective e-mail addresses. Others who wish to subscribe to BCR-CDGROUP may send the message subscribe bcr-cdgroup with no subject line and no signature block to: To post messages to BCR-CDGROUP, send them to the address: .

BCR does not anticipate a lot of message traffic on BCR-CDGROUP, but enough to keep you directly informed about this semi-annual opportunity to purchase CD-ROMs at such low prices.