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3M Tattle-Tapes Available at Discount

By James Speed Hensinger

Use your BCR membership to purchase 3M Tattle-Tape Detection Strips and save. MINITEX purchases the tattle-tape strips in large quantities to obtain the lowest possible price. BCR's agreement with MINITEX allows BCR member libraries to purchase the tattle-tape strips directly from MINITEX at these low prices (shipping and handling included). Minimum purchase is one box. (The programmable strips come 1,000 per box; audio and video cassette and compact disc strips are 200 per box).

MINITEX prices are listed below:

3M Tattle-tape StripsCurrent PricePrice after July 1
DS-B1 Single-sided programmable $121/box
(12.1-cents each)
(12.7-cents each
DS-B2 Double-sided programmable $121/box
(12.1-cents each)
(12.7-cents each)
DAC-1 Audio cassette strips $32/box
(16-cents each)
(17-cents each)
DVM-1 Video cassette strips $36/box
(18-cents each)
(19-cents each)
DCD-2 Compact disc $170/box
(85-cents each)
(89-cents each)

For an order form, contact MINITEX's Tim Peters at (800) 462-5348 or by fax at
(612) 625-3569. MINITEX will issue an invoice when it ships your order.