(Information contained in this issue of Action for Libraries, including people to contact, is no longer be current. For a list of current staff to contact, please go to www.bcr.org/~jhillsha/staffdir.html)

BCR E-mail Addresses

Administration [email protected]
David Brunell [email protected]
Joyce Hillshafer [email protected]>
Brandie Baumann [email protected]
Ellen Fox [email protected]
Sharon Hoffhines [email protected]
Bettie VanZetten [email protected]
Bibliographic Systems& Services [email protected]
Rosario Garza [email protected]
Cheryl Burkert [email protected]
Jan Campau [email protected]
Dig Chinn [email protected]
Dreama Deskins [email protected]
Regan Harper [email protected]
Lynne Mildenstein [email protected]
Bobbi Navarro [email protected]
Kathy Rainesalo [email protected]
Bonnie Robinson [email protected]
Internet & Database Services [email protected]
Jim Hensinger [email protected]
Laura Chittivej [email protected]
Karen Graham [email protected]
Deb Pruitt [email protected]
Michael Sauers [email protected]
Business Office [email protected]
Arleta Blades [email protected]
Su'Elyn Decker [email protected]
Carrol Fedelleck [email protected]
Lisa Hansen [email protected]
Lisa Samora [email protected]
Retha Suesli-Goia [email protected]