Britannica Online Price Reduced;
Subscription Renewals Due in January

By James Speed Hensinger

BCR introduced member libraries to its Britannica Online group subscription only one year ago. As of today, so many libraries have joined the group subscription that with the 1998 renewal, BCR has been able to get the price reduced. Beginning in February, a participating library will pay only 52-cents per full-time student enrollment (FTE) for a full year's unlimited access to Britannica Online, instead of the 53-cents per FTE paid in 1997. This single payment for the year and web access are all you need. A $50 minimum subscription is required.

This year participating libraries saved a total of $79,685. With the reduced price, libraries will see even greater savings in 1998. To take advantage of these savings, however, libraries must first enroll. Libraries currently subscribing to Britannica Online via BCR's group purchase must renew their subscriptions by January 15, 1998. A renewal form is available on BCR's web site. Please complete the form and send it to BCR's Jim Hensinger at 14394 E. Evans Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014-1478 or fax it to (303) 751-9787. Libraries signing up for the first time can use the same form.

Libraries currently participating in the group purchase also will receive information about their renewals on the BCR-BRIT listserv, used to communicate regularly with libraries about the Britannica Online group subscription. (To join send the message "subscribe bcr-brit" to [email protected]) A library pays for its annual Britannica Online subscription based on its FTEs:

Sign up or renew your subscription with BCR by January 15, 1998, and save.