Z39.50 Web Search-and Retrieval
Software Available at BCR Discount

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By James Speed Hensinger

BCR has a powerful software package now available to researchers and others who want to search databases on the World Wide Web and export bibliographic records to their library catalogs, bibliographies, etc. Sea Change Corporation's BookWhere? 2000 (version 2 for Windows 95 and NT users) is a stand-alone client software that sets a new standard in Internet search and retrieval, allowing users to search large databases on the Internet using the Z39.50 protocol.

Librarians who want to use it can now obtain this powerful software from BCR for the special introductory price of $169 through March 30, 1998. After March, BookWhere will be available for $222 (plus shipping), a discount of 25 percent off its regular retail price of $295.

Hundreds of library cataloges, including the OCLC FirstSearch service and Library of Congress, and other types of information databases can be searched via the Internet using BookWhere? This software comes with a pre-configured list of hosts (check out www.bookwhere.com/library.htm for a full listing) and databases, making access easy and convenient. Adding your own hosts is easy, too.

Other BookWhere? advantages include:

Biblio Tech Review describes BookWhere? 2000 as "a very useful addition to a cataloger's toolbox." Get yours today. Just point your web browser to BCR's web site and complete the online order form. For questions, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger.