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Britannica Now Offers Remote Online Access

Britannica now offers remote access to some users of Britannica Online. The new remote access is available to colleges and universities to provide students with off-campus access and for distance learning. It is also available to K12 schools and public libraries, but only those that do not own a range of IP addresses. For more information see the following web (for colleges and universities) and (schools and public libraries), or contact BCR.

Journals Added to Electronic Collections Online

OCLC has added 181 journals from six publishers to FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online (ECO), bringing the total journals available to 559. Of the six publishers, Academic Press and Plenum are making their journals available on ECO for the first time. To view the complete list of publishers and journals on ECO, go to

Reminder: Renew Britannica Online Now

Libraries participating in BCR's Britannica Online group purchase must renew their annual subscriptions by January 15, 1998. Libraries' costs for the group subscription has dropped to 52-cents per full-time student enrollment for a full year's unlimited access. To renew or sign up for the first time, fill out the form on BCR's web site:

Online Access Free to Print Subscribers

Through the Electronic Collections Online print-subscriber program, libraries with a 1998 print subscription to selected ECO journals also can receive electronic subscriptions to those journals at no additional cost in 1998. Six publishers -- Blackwell Publishers, Carfax Publishing, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Kluwer Academic Publishers, MIT Press and Royal Society of Chemistry -- are making more than 350 of the electronic versions of their print journals available free to print subscribers.

Although the electronic journal subscriptions are free, subscribers are still charged the OCLC access fee for all journals to which they subscribe. Subscribe now and save. Contact BCR today.

PCI Database Now Available on FirstSearch

Periodicals Contents Index (PCI) is now available on OCLC FirstSearch service. This database indexes the contents of older issues of humanities and social science periodicals. PCI is offered in two editions, the complete edition (coverage 1770 to 1990/91) and the subset edition (coverage 1960/61 to 1990/91).

(For questions or to subscribe to any reference database -- CD-ROM, online or Internet-accessible -- contact BCR's Jim Hensinger or Karen Graham.