BCR's CorpTech Trial Gives
Libraries Access to Business Databases

By James Speed Hensinger

BCR members can now get one month's free access to several high-tech business databases.

BCR and CorpTech are working together to give BCR member libraries access to the CorpTech databases. The databases provide detailed information on high-tech manufacturing, development and service firms, both public and privately owned, throughout the United States. These companies are involved in such industries as telecommunications, biotechnology, computer software and hardware, factory automation and high-tech manufacturing equipment.

CorpTech data is available in a variety of formats -- print, CD-ROM, World Wide Web and comma-delimited ascii mailing lists. Web-accessible databases are updated monthly, CD-ROM databases quarterly and print products annually.

Professional researchers gather the information for CorpTech databases by interviewing senior company executives, who are asked to verify the data prior to its publication and to update the information regularly. The data can be broken down nationally, by industry, by region and by state.

Register for your month's trial of these databases by contacting BCR's Jim Hensinger.