Discount Now Available on Coin-
and Card-operated Control Systems

By James Speed Hensinger

BCR member libraries can obtain a 15 percent discount on ITC Systems' network "Charge for Print" solutions and coin-, bill- and card-operated photocopiers, microfilm reader/printers, fax machines, computer hardware and laser printers. With costs for paper and other supply items in libraries spiraling, coin- and card-operated control systems provide a means to offset and recoup expenses. They also serve as a patron management tool by deterring the printing of massive quantities of materials such as web pages.

To benefit our member libraries, BCR has negotiated an agreement with ITC Systems, a key supplier of integrated transaction control systems for public libraries and university and college campuses.

The majority of ITC's systems have been developed to use the cash-card concept, which promotes prepaid services in a closed environment. Libraries and schools, however, can purchase a full range of coin-operated control systems that can be customized to meet their specific needs. ITC Systems products can be configured to accept coins; coins and bills; coins and cash cards; or coins, bills and cash cards as payment options.

ITC also offers its library "Combo Card" solution, the ideal way to manage all activities and transactions associated with patrons and staff in today's modern library. The Combo Card is a high-quality plastic library card that can have monetary value added to it. Patrons can use it to check out materials and pay for any library service instead of using cash.

ITC offers cash-card systems that include magnetic striped cards, photo ID cards, smart cards or a combination of the above. Patron identification card options include custom-printed cards, bar codes, signature stripes and color photo IDs. Cash-card readers are available for photocopiers, laser printers, network printing, fax machines, computer access, Internet access, microfiche printers, patron fines, etc.

If your library is considering installing a self-service system, BCR can help you tailor the system to meet your specific needs. For more information, visit BCR's web site: To order, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger.