Ariel Document Transmission System
Now Available at Discount through BCR

By James Speed Hensinger
Using the Research Libraries Group's (RLG) Ariel software, now available at an 18 percent discount from BCR, library staff members can scan documents and photos and then transmit the electronic images via e-mail or FTP to other Ariel workstations from which the scanned materials can be printed. All with no long-distance phone charges.

In addition to the software, libraries require Internet access, a sufficiently powerful PC and compatible scanner and printer to run the document transmission system.

According to RLG, Ariel software has set the standard at libraries around the world for high-resolution document transmission. The document transmission system adjusts to handle both graphic and gray-scale materials, prints variable-resolution images on plain paper in a variety of sizes and works with a wide range of printers and scanners.

How can Ariel help your library? Ariel software:

  • Has the ability to import and print documents created at any resolution. It can receive electronic delivery documents sent from both library ILL departments and commercial systems.

  • Incorporates an enhanced internal document viewer enabling library staff to preview material as they scan and receive it.

  • Allows library staff to monitor the status of materials sent and see what is still pending receipt, sets the intervals when Ariel will check for incoming items and allows staff to see the real-time status of incoming Ariel e-mail and items sent via FTP.

  • Enables staff members to select and configure a scanner from the menu.

  • Conforms to Windows 95 application and set-up guidelines.
To obtain the BCR discount on Ariel, orders must be placed through BCR. To order, contact BCR's Laura Chittivej at (800) 397-1552 or [email protected] For more information about the software, go to RLG's web site:.

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