BCR Provides Consortial Purchase of Congressional and Statistical Universe

By James Speed Hensinger BCR has added Congressional Universe and Statistical Universe databases to its list of discounted reference database services via a BCR-sponsored consortial purchase. Developed by the Congressional Information Service Inc. (CIS), a LEXIS-NEXIS subsidiary, Congressional Universe and Statistical Universe are huge, web-based resources of information from and about the federal government.

The two databases are designed specifically for academic libraries. Congressional Universe provides information about Congress and makes the data readily available using sophisticated access tools. Statistical Universe is comprised of regulatory, statutory and court information and includes two Base editions: the Research Collection, developed specifically for research libraries, and the Essential Reference Collection, aimed at smaller institutions.

The prices for BCR's annual group subscription, which runs September 1 through August 31, are based on the total number of orders BCR received by August 17. BCR's annual prices are:

The fee for libraries signing up later in the group-subscription year will be rounded up to the next whole month and whole dollar. Libraries currently contracting with CIS for these services can participate in BCR's group purchase by canceling their contract via written notification to CIS.

Enroll by filling out the online form on BCR's web site: www.bcr.org. Click on Reference, then on CIS or LEXIS-NEXIS. You will find a Frequently Asked Questions page, too, under the link, "What is this?"

Access to these services is controlled by IP number filtering, making the services available to every faculty member and student on campus. To set up free demonstra- tions, contact BCR's Deb Pruitt. If you have questions about this new service, go to the online FAQ cited above or contact Jim Hensinger at BCR's Aurora (Colorado) office.

(These services are available to academic libraries only. The Congressional Universe service is not available to law-school libraries or public, corporate, government or school libraries. Statistical Universe is available to law libraries.)