BCR Offers Free Trial, Subscription
to Accessible Archives Online Databases

By James Speed Hensinger

Now your students and library patrons can access valuable historical information online, all full text and fully searchable on the web. Subscribe to Scholarly Resources' Accessible Archives online databases through BCR.

Subscribers to this new service have unlimited web access to five databases of 18th- and 19th-century newspapers for a single annual fee, discounted when purchased through BCR. This historical information has been hand keyed from primary newspaper records and then assembled in an easy-to-use, interactive, digital format. Users can search all the databases simultaneously or choose to search only one or two. New material will be added quarterly. The five databases are listed below.

Complete pricing for these databases is found on BCR's Web page. Libraries must make a three-year committment, but are expected to pay in advance for only one year at a time. Pricing models differ for universities and colleges, public libraries, schools (K-12) and historical and genealogical societies.

The price for the consortium purchase of the complete package of Accessible Archives databases will be finalized November 30. The maximum prices are already discounted as much as 21 percent from the list price. Discounts could go much deeper depending on the total number of orders received at BCR by November 30.

To sign up for the free trial or subscribe to the databases, please fill out the online form at. Click on "Reference Databases," then select Accessible Archives. For more information, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger.