Britannica Online Subscription
Renewal Due at BCR by January 31

By James Speed Hensinger

It's time to renew your Britannica Online! Subscription. BCR's annual group subscription runs from February 1 to January 31. Because of the large number of libraries already participating, an annual subscription will cost BCR libraries no more than 49-cents per full-time student enrollment (FTE) for the new year. That compares with 52-cents per FTE last year. BCR hopes to sign up enough libraries to push the price as low as 47-cents. (A $50 minimum subscription is required.)

This year's subscription includes three databases in a single package:

Britannica Online! users also will find thousands of new and updated articles, more than 33,000 Internet links, more than 12,000 images and audio/video clips and animation. For increased speed and for nongraphical browsers, a low-graphics mode can be selected.

The most efficient way to enroll or renew your Britannica Online! subscription is to use the e-form on BCR's web site at Just click on Reference Databases. Enrolling via BCR's online form allows automated processing of your order. Contact Jim Hensinger or Karen Graham at (800) 397-1552.