BookWhere 2000 Version 3.0 Released

By James Speed Hensinger

Sea Change has released Version 3.0 of its BookWhere 2000 professional Internet research software.

BookWhere 2000, a Windows application, allows users to search hundreds of large information databases on the Internet simultaneously using the NISO Z39.50/ISO 23950 protocol. Simple access to structured databases is provided, allowing BookWhere 2000 to retrieve information that is not available from any current web-based search engine.

Version 3.0 has a number of powerful new features, and existing features have been enhanced. The built-in section of target databases has been greatly expanded, and the software has been designed to support international record types.

Version 3.0 of BookWhere now supports UNIMARC, CAN/MARC and UKMARC data formats. The software has the ability to capture, display and export UKMARC records. UNIMARC and CAN/MARC formats facilitate the international exchange of bibliographic data. They join the previously supported USMARC, SUTRS (Simple Unstructured Text Record Syntax) and GRS-1 (Generic Record Syntax) formats.

The BookWhere user interface now supports several languages, including English, French and Italian. As they become available, additional languages and translation revisions can be downloaded from the BookWhere web site (

The new Learn feature allows the BookWhere software to self-configure the user interface, automatically testing servers to determine what search attributes are supported. The software's browse function also has been improved, providing a full window display and allowing the user to move forward and backward in an index.

BCR's price is $222 (plus $5 shipping), compared to $295 retail. To order, go to BCR's web page and click on Reference Databases.