Renewals Due for BCR Annual
UniverseTM Group Subscription

By James Speed Hensinger

It's time to renew BCR's annual group subscriptions to the UniverseTM databases. The subscriptions, for Congressional Information Services/Lexis-Nexis, Inc., databases run from July 1 through June 30.

BCR member libraries can choose from among a variety of databases instead of just the four that were available last year. When this newsletter went to press, BCR had listed only the guaranteed ceiling prices for each database. Final prices depend on the total number of libraries that subscribed to the databases by May 28. The final prices for this year's subscriptions will be listed on BCR's web site as soon as they are available.

UniverseTM databases available with BCR's group subscription are:

  • CIS/Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe.
  • CIS Congressional Universe.
  • CIS State Capital Universe.
  • CIS Statistical Universe six options.
    • Option 1: Statistical Universe (A): Federal Service Research Collection includes the complete American Statistics Index Abstract and Index. Sixteen optional full-text modules available.
    • Option 2: Statistical Universe (B): Federal Service Essential Research includes abridged American Statistics Index Abstract and Index Data.
    • Option 3: Statistical Universe (C): State and Private Service, includes Statistical Reference Index Abstract and Index data for state and private source statistical publications since 1980. Ten optional full-text modules available.
    • Option 4: Statistical Universe (D): International Service, includes Index to International Statistics Abstract and Index Data for international and intergovernmental statistical publications from 1983 to the present.
    • Option 5: Statistical Universe (E): Federal Collection full-text option.
    • Option 6: Statistical Universe (F): State Collection full-text option.
To subscribe or renew, go to BCR's web site, click on Reference Databases and then on CIS, Lexis-Nexis or Universe and complete the online subscription form. The databases are available only to academic institutions, public libraries and state libraries. Other restrictions also may apply. For questions, please contact Jim Hensinger.