Preprinted Bar Code Labels
Now Available from BCR

By James Speed Hensinger

Member libraries can now obtain Computype bar code labels from BCR.

The labels are manufactured using photographic technology and P152 library adhesive. Computype claims that photographic technology is the most durable; the paper will not yellow with age, and the bar code will not fade, even in extended U.V. exposure. Photographic image quality is said to ensure a high percentage of first-pass read rates.

Custom bar code labels are available. The customization may include such options as the library logo, colored ink and author/title/call number on smart labels. A $250 set-up fee is charged.

The bar code labels are specially coated to be resistant to abrasion. Libraries can select from a choice of finishes: no finish, varnish, matte laminate or gloss laminate. Libraries also have a choice of sheet labels or roll stock.

A minimum order of 2,000 labels is required, with any order of less than 5,000 incurring a $15 surcharge. Shipping costs are additional. Neighboring libraries, library systems and school systems may batch their orders to achieve the minimum order size.

For more information, contact BCR's Laura Chittivej. Order via the form on BCR's Web site at Computypeform.html