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(October 1999 Action for Libraries newsletter)

SilverPlatter Changes GeoBase Coverage

SilverPlatter Information has announced that beginning January 1, 2000, the GeoBase 1990 option will be replaced by GeoBase 1994-Present. The pricing will remain the same as for the 1990 option. All 1990 users may upgrade to the new version for a one- time fee of $2,000.

SilverPlatter Updates MLA

Updates to SilverPlatter's MLA databases will now be published 10 times a year, increasing the timeliness of the data. Pricing remains the same as the quarterly update.

SilverPlatter Product Price Increases

SilverPlatter has announced that the prices of Wilson database products increased from 5 to 15 percent on October 1, 1999, on all new sales and will increase January 1, 2000, for all renewals. Contact Karen Graham for the products affected by this increase.

Prices for other SilverPlatter database products will increase on January 1, 2000, as follows:

  • Aquatic Science & Fisheries 78-Present and 88-Present, Life Sciences 82-Present and 90-Present, Mechanical Engineering Abstracts, Human Nutrition, Water Resource Abstracts by 4 percent.

  • Ageline, Bibliography of Native North Americans, Cross Cultural Databases, Criminal Justice Abstracts, ERIC, Exceptional Child, Mental Measurements Yearbook, MLA Bibliography, PAIS International, Political Science Abstracts, RSP Funding for Graduate Students, Undergraduates and Post Doctorates and Professionals, Social Work Abstracts by 5 percent.

  • Clinpsyc, International Bibliography of Social Science, International Political Abstracts, Psyclit, Transport by 2.5 percent.

  • Atla Religion Database by 1 percent.

  • Sociological Abstracts, Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts by 9 percent for U.S. and Canada users; by 6 percent outside U.S. Network pricing will increase by 3 percent for U.S. and Canada and 2 percent for outside North America.
For questions or to subscribe to any reference database CD-ROM, online or Internet- accessible contact BCR's
Jim Hensinger or Karen Graham.