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(December 1999 Action for Libraries newsletter)

By James Speed Hensinger

BookWhere 2000 3.0 Upgrade Released

Registered users of BookWhere 2000 and BookWhere Pro software may purchase BookWhere 2000 Version 3.0 as an upgrade. The price for BCR member libraries is $108 plus $5 shipping. To order the BookWhere 2000 3.0 upgrade, please contact BCR's Laura Chittivej ([email protected]).

Ariel Version 2.2 Upgrade Available

BCR offers upgrade pricing for Ariel Version 2.2. If your library owns a prior version of Ariel software, it is eligible for upgrade pricing.

BCR member libraries may purchase Ariel V2.2 Full upgrade for $369. Ariel V2.2 Full allows libraries to send and receive transmissions. Ariel V2.2 Print Only upgrade, which only allows libraries to receive transmissions, is $78.

Shipping and handling is $9 for the first copy of software, shipped to a single location, and $2 for each additional software package. Please contact Laura Chittivej for more information or to place an order.

ITC Offers Libraries Self-service Solutions

BCR member libraries can obtain up to a 15 percent discount off ITC Systems' self- serve transaction systems. ITC provides coin- and card-operated systems including photocopiers, microfilm readers/printers, fax machines, computer hardware and laser printers.

The majority of ITC's products have been developed to use the cash-card concept, providing for prepaid services in a closed environment. Libraries and schools, however, can purchase a full range of coin-operated control systems that can be customized to meet their specific needs. ITC products can by configured to accept coins; coins and bills; coins and cash cards; or coins, bills and cash cards as payment options.

If your library is considering installing a self-service system, BCR can help you tailor it to meet your specific needs. To order, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger ([email protected]).

3M Tattle Tapes Provide Security

3M Tattle Tape security strips can prevent books and discs from being taken from a library without being checked out. When applied to the materials, the strips set off an alarm unless they are first desensitized by a library staff member.

The Tattle-Tapes are available to BCR member libraries any time without batching orders and in quantities as small as a single box. BCR has a cooperative purchasing agreement with MINITEX, a sister library network organization based in Minnesota. To order, contact MINITEX's Tim Peters at (800) 462-5348 or by e-mail at t- [email protected]

BCR Brodart Discount Increased

BCR member libraries will be able to get more for less from Brodart next year. BCR's Brodart discount is now 15 percent off the prices in the Brodart Supplies and Furnishings Catalog. The discount excludes 3M Security Strips and Precision One Cataloging System.

To ensure receiving the discount, please refer to "BCR-15-%" on the first page of all Brodart orders. To order call (888) 820-4377 or fax to (800) 283-6087.

DEMCO Announces Free Design Service

DEMCO has launched a free service to help design small libraries, media centers or classrooms. DEMCO's specialty is designing spaces approximately 20,000 square feet. The library provides the room's dimensions and the number of users, and DEMCO will provide to-scale layouts, 3-D color views, price quote, product warranties, wood and fabric samples. Call (800) 462-8709 for design assistance.