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(February 2000 Action for Libraries newsletter)

By James Speed Hensinger

3M Tattle-Tape Ordering Now Online

BCR member libraries can now order 3M Tattle-Tape security strips online. By completing the online form at, libraries will find ordering quicker and easier.

BCR's agreement with MINITEX Library Information Network allows BCR member libraries to purchase 3M Tattle-Tapes at a 25 percent discount. Prices are:

    DS-B1 and DS-B2 strips, $137 per box of 1,000.
    DAC-1 audio cassette strips $35 per box of 200.
    DVM-1 video cassette strips, $40 per box of 200.
    DCD-2 compact disc strips, $188 per box of 200.
The security strips are also now available in rolls: R2 at $1,027.50 per roll of 7,500 or $350 per roll of 2,500. A $4 shipping charge is added.

3M Library Security Equipment is also now available.

    966 Staff Workstation, $2,515.
    2011 Resensitizer for Mag Media, $270.
    764 Resensitizer for Non-mag Media, $650.
    930 Desensitizer On-Counter, $180.
    955 Bookcheck, $2,035.
    763 Desensitizer Mag Media, $270.
    766 Desensitizer Mag Media, $150.

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