New Reference Works Enhance BCR's
Grolier Online Group Subscription
(March 2000 Action for Libraries newsletter)

By James Speed Hensinger

Grolier Educational has enhanced its online Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia with two new online products. Grolier introduced Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre en línea, an online, Spanish-language encyclopedia, in January. In April the publisher is scheduled to launch the New Book of Popular Science Online, the full-text, online version of the New Book of Popular Science.

BCR's annual Grolier group subscription is up for renewal April 30. Participating libraries, both new and renewing, have the opportunity to add the new electronic resources to their Grolier subscriptions. The two are not available as stand-alone products.

Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre en línea
Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre en línea is a full-featured, Spanish-language, online reference source constructed with a Latin American perspective. Articles are updated quarterly. The unique database features a clear, simple user interface and help screens; more than 15,000 articles and 7,500 illustrations, fact boxes, tables, maps and flags. It also has thousands of links to related Web sites and more than 15,000 Web links to the encyclopedia's articles, all with titles and annotations in Spanish.

New Book of Popular Science Online
The New Book of Popular Science Online contains 400-plus articles on science, technology and medical topics that are interactive and continually updated. Included are full-color photographs, detailed scientific artwork and technical illustrations, bibliographies and both terrestrial and celestial maps. In addition to the full text of the print version, the New Book of Popular Science Online spotlights three top science news stories each week through its NewsBytes feature and supplies science-inspired games, puzzles and brain teasers in SciZone. Ask Pop Sci answers students' science questions, and SkyWatch provides weekly night-sky activities for stargazers.

Prices for BCR's annual group subscription Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Americana and/or New Book of Knowledge are:

  • Combo: Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia American, $.41 per FTE per year.
  • Deluxe: All three of the basic encyclopedias, $.49 per FTE per year.
  • Cumbre en línea: With Combo subscription, $.62 per FTE per year; with Deluxe subscription, $.69 per FTE per year.
  • New Book of Popular Science Online: with Combo subscription, $.52 per FTE per year; with Deluxe subscription, $.62 per FTE per year.
  • Grolier 2000 Suite (All five databases): $.76 per FTE per year. The above prices are based on a minimum purchase.

    To subscribe or renew, complete the online form on BCR's web site at Click on Reference Databases and then on Grolier. For more information, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger ([email protected]). For details on pricing, minimum costs and terms, see BCR's Web site. For questions, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger.