(April 2000 Action for Libraries newsletter)

By James Speed Hensinger

Print Queue Manager Helps Libraries Save ITC Systems is making a special offer to introduce BCR member libraries to its new Print Queue Manager system.

Print Queue Manager helps libraries recover the cost of laser printing and take control of network printing on a user-pay basis. The software monitors and manages multiple print queues. It displays all held jobs on a screen and allows users to select and release their respective print jobs to a defined printer. With an ITC Cash Card Reader attached to the printer, the user is required to pay for all released jobs.

Print Queue Manager, a Windows-based application, operates on Windows NT and Novell servers and works with any type printer and/or multiple network printers. The system eliminates wasted paper, recovers the cost of printing, reduces labor, frees staff time to better serve library patrons, streamlines the accounting process and improves access to electronic and hard copy services.

Libraries purchasing this new system by May 30 will save more than $600 off the regular price. During that period only, the total price for the server software, print release software, popup software and ITC Cash Card Reader is $3,990.

Contact BCR's Laura Chittivej at [email protected]or at (800) 397-1552.