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BCR Offers MCB/Emerald
Web and Full-text Journals

By James Speed Hensinger

MCB University Press is now available via BCR at consortial prices for both the print and Web versions (Emerald Intelligence and Fulltext). BCR's consortium access will begin January 1, 2001. Early enrollees will receive free access as soon as the MCB license is signed and returned to MCB.

BCR users will maintain their current MCB print subscriptions and gain Web access to the entire existing Emerald database of MCB journals (more than 130 titles). Other benefits of participating in BCR's MCB subscription include:

  • Libraries will see no additional charge for Web access to the entire Emerald database if they currently spend more than $1,500 for MCB print subscriptions. Libraries now paying less than $1,500 can pay the difference as an access fee to participate.

  • Participating libraries receive a three-year subscription with no price increase in 2001. Costs for 2001 are the same as 2000. In both 2002 and 2003, subscription costs will increase 5 percent, based on the library's year-2000 holdings, plus an adjustment based on the UK Retail Price Index. (The four-year average has been 2.475 percent.) Six months' notice of cancellation is required.

  • MCB offers the flexibility of shifting an individual library's print holdings once a year.

  • BCR's MCB subscription includes the right to use the Web version for interlibrary loan and electronic reserves (subject to the same limitations as print).

  • Libraries receive a 70 percent discount on additional paper subscriptions.

  • HTML-tagged data will be supplied at the conclusion of the agreement.

Those interested should contact MCB's Dawn Marie Devine at (888) 622-0075, (617) 395-4051 or by e-mail at [email protected] for license terms and a quote based on the library's current subscriptions.

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February 27, 2008
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