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Information contained in this back issue of Action for Libraries, including prices, is no longer current. For current prices, go to www.bcr.org/discounts/3mminitex/tattletape.html


By James Speed Hensinger

Tattle Tapes Price Changes
New prices have been set for 3M Tattle Tapes. BCR's cooperative purchasing agreement with MINITEX, a sister library network organization, allows BCR member libraries to purchase Tattle Tapes at a 25 percent discount.

Current prices are:

     Description Price per box
     Programmable, adhesive on one side $137 per box of 1,000
     Programmable, adhesive on two sides $137 per box of 1,000
     Audio cassette strips $36 per box of 200
     Video cassette strips $42 per box of 200
     Compact disc strips $192 per box of 200

The minimum order required for programmable tapes is 1,000 tapes per type (200 tapes per type for audio and video cassette and compact disc strips). Order on MINITEX's Web order form at kinglear.lib.umn.edu/cpp/3m.asp or contact Marcy Garcia at MINITEX at (800) 462-5348.

BCR DEMCO Contract Continued
BCR's contract with DEMCO, which allows member libraries to purchase supplies at a discount, has been extended. As of January 1, BCR's discounts are 14 percent off library, office and computer supplies, 3 percent off library promotion and educational items and 9 percent off furniture and equipment. A $25 minimum order (after the discount is applied) is required.

For more information see BCR's Web site: www.bcr.org/supplies.html

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February 27, 2008
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