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BCR Offers Free Trials
of K-12 Online Resources

By James Speed Hensinger

K-12 schools and libraries are the major beneficiaries of BCR's latest free trials. BCR has scheduled trials of resources specifically tailored to K-12 schools and libraries. Selected databases from six vendors EBSCO Information Services, Facts on File News Service, Gale Group, NewsBank, Inc., SIRS and bigchalk.com are available from March 1 through April 15 at no cost to BCR member libraries and their patrons. Please note, the Gale Group databases are only available for Colorado libraries to try.

To sign up for the free trials, go to www.bcr.org/~ids/Reference/spring01trial.html Information on accessing the trial will be sent electronically after you sign up.

Participating libraries have access to the databases listed below.


  • Primary Online Package for Elementary Schools: four full-text databases Primary Search, Newspaper Source, ERIC and Professional Development Collection.

  • Middle Online Package for Junior High and Middle Schools: five full-text databases Middle Search Plus, TOPCICsearch, Newspaper Source, ERIC and Professional Development Collection.

  • Ulta Online Package for High Schools: six full-text databases MAS Ultra (School Edition), Health Source (Consumer Edition), Newspaper Source, TOPICsearch, ERIC and Professional Development Collection.

  • NoveList: subject and keyword access to 92,000 fiction titles.

  • MagillOnLiterature: critical analyses and plot summaries of the most studied works in literature.

Facts On File News Service

  • Facts.com: 20 years of full-text Facts On File World News, updated weekly; 60 years of historic events and daily news, updated hourly.

  • World Almanac Online: content from Facts On File, updated monthly.

  • Issues and Controversies on File: headline news controversies on a range of contemporary topics, published semimonthly.

  • Today's Science on File: covers all facets of science, published monthly.

Gale Group

  • InfoTrac Kids/Junior/Student editions: full-text from leading magazine, newspapers and reference books with two interfaces, K-12 and IT Web.

  • Student Resource Center: ( based on national curriculum standards) original reference material, primary source documents, periodicals and newspapers, updated daily.

  • General Reference Center Gold: key business and general interest titles.

  • Discovering Collection: content and key resources from Discovering Program titles, Discovering Authors, U.S. History, Science and Biography and Junior Reference Collection.

  • Junior Reference Collection: 24-hour access to subjects most frequently studied by students of all ages.


  • NewsFile (1991-current) High School: full-text news articles.

  • NewsBank Retrospective (1970-1991) K-12: full-text newspaper information.

  • NewsBank ScienceSource Collection (1987-current) K-12: covers all areas of physical, life and computer sciences from 300 journals.

  • SchoolMate for Middle Schools: full-text news articles from more than 500 U.S. regional and national newspapers, wire services and 140 periodicals.

  • KidsPage for Elementary Schools: easy-to-understand vocabulary with keyword searching for intermediate-level users.
  • Denver Post (1989-current): full-text, cover-to-cover coverage of Post articles with daily updates.

  • Rocky Mountain News (1989-current): full-text, cover-to-cover coverage of News articles with daily updates.


  • SIRS Researcher: full-text exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, business, political and global issues.

  • SIRS Renaissance: current information on the arts and humanities.

  • S
  • IRS Government Reporter: full-text on health, science, economics, environment, politics, foreign affairs, workplace issues, business and industry.

  • SIRS NetSelect: database of Internet resources providing easy access to quality Web sites on almost any subject.


  • bigchalk Library: full-text articles and transcripts from more than 1,500 magazines, newspapers, books and radio/TV programs.

  • ProQuest Platinum: general reference to advanced subject matter from more than 2,000 titles.

  • eLibrary Classic: for learners of all ages with references from more than 800 sources.

  • eLibrary Elementary: for younger researchers with tailored content from more than 70 full-text sources and an easy-to-use interface.

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February 27, 2008
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