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Complete Harper's Weekly Online
Soon to be Available from BCR

By James Speed Hensinger

Imagine having access to all the history, society, arts and culture of the second half of the 19th century via Harper's Weekly magazine. Soon your school or library will be able to access this valuable historical resource on CD-ROM or on the Web. (Now available only to community colleges, colleges and universities.)

BCR is currently negotiating a contract to make the HarpWeek Full-text database (with images) available to BCR member libraries. HarpWeek is divided into nine segments, each of which you will be able to acquire as a one-time purchase, not as a subscription. Segments now available are:

    The Civil War Era: 1857-1865
    Reconstruction I: 1866-1871
    Reconstruction II: 1872-1877
    Gilded Age I: 1878-1883
    Gilded Age II: 1884-1889
    Gilded Age III: 1890-1895
    Gilded Age IV: 1896-1901
    Gilded Age V: 1902-1907
    The final segment, Gilded Age VI: 1908-1912, is scheduled to be completed by the end of May.

All pages of every issue of Harper's Weekly, even the advertisements, are scanned and fully searchable in HarpWeek. Thesaurus-based indexes have been manually created and are complete now for the first three segments of the magazine with the rest scheduled to be completed by spring 2002. Every advertisement is also indexed separately, as is the literature. Synopses, searchable by word, have been prepared for every piece of prose published in Harper's Weekly magazine.

This interactive resource eliminates the need to wade through reels of microfilm by providing an immediate link from the HarpWeek indexes to clear, easy-to-read electronic pages. High quality printouts can be produced to augment instruction and document research. Pages also can be saved as JPG files.

Watch for announcements when this historical resource will be available on BCR's Web site (www.bcr.org/), BCR's listserv BCR-L and BCR's monthly newsletter, Action for Libraries.

See more about HarpWeek Full-text with images at: www.harpweek.com/.

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February 27, 2008
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