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By James Speed Hensinger

ITC Releases New Products
ITC Systems, which specializes in integrated transaction systems for public libraries and university and college campuses, has released three new products: Print Queue Enterprise software, Smart Access Manager and One Card Solution.

A revision of ITC's Print Queue Manager, Print Queue Enterprises offers such new features as the ability to operate in dual-language mode and count pages at the workstation and print release station. The interface has an updated appearance and navigation features. From a technical standpoint, the software reduces network traffic, is compatible with Citrix networks and Gates computers, is a true 32-bit application and does not require a service to be run on the network server.

Special upgrade pricing is available through August 31 for customers using Print Queue Manager. Free trails are available for new BCR/ITC customers.

Smart Access Manager (SAM), is an integrated software program for managing patron use of library computers and SAM enables libraries to:

  • Share limited computer resources among patrons while freeing staff from constant involvement.
  • Establish Internet access for each patron according to individual library's policies.
  • Control and recover the cost of patron printing. (It integrates seamlessly with Print Queue Enterprise.)

Components include Time Manager, Reservation Manager, Internet Manager, Print Manager, Desktop Manager, Automation Manager and Report Manager.

One Card Solution utilizes either smart or magnetic card technology, integrating campus or library applications into a single card. Its applications include printing (copying, Microfilm R/P and laser printers), vending, meal service, laundry, sporting events, parking and others.

For more information or to order, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger ([email protected]).

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February 27, 2008
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