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New Emerald Fulltext Trial
Now Available from BCR

By James Speed Hensinger

BCR and Emerald have set up a new free trial of Emerald Fulltext, a full-text journal database of more than 130 titles. The trial runs through December 15.

Libraries that then subscribe to Emerald Fulltext before January 1, 2002 — via BCR's discount consortial pricing — will have free access to Emerald for the rest of the year. Libraries that return their Emerald Fulltext licenses before November 30 also will receive free access to the Acquisitions and Launches suite, Emerald's newest titles.

Emerald's full-text is available from the 1994 volumes where available. Emerald offers Internet online publishing and archiving, reference linking, nonarticle content and key reading to users. New in 2002, Emerald will include SFX awareness (a new Ex Libris navigation tool), article e-mailing, company name searching and readily available training resources such as quick guides, posters and presentations to promote Emerald to patrons.

Under the three-year agreement, BCR users maintain their current Emerald print subscriptions and gain Web access to the entire existing Emerald database of journals. For the first year, there is no price increase on the journals a library carries. For the next two years, the increase is locked in at 5 percent plus the United Kingdom (UK) annual cost of living increase (approximately 2.5 percent).

BCR's Emerald Fulltext subscription runs January through December, but libraries may subscribe at any time during the year.

To participate in the free trial, click on Emerald Fulltext at www.emeraldinsight.com. When asked "please log in," enter the following:
customer id: bcr
password: wildwest

For more information, please contact Emerald's Dawn Devine at [email protected]

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February 27, 2008
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