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In Reference...

By Brandie Baumann

NetLibrary Public Library Collection Completed
BCR has received commitments from member libraries to ensure that the core collection for the new netLibrary Public Library/Ready Reference Collection purchase is implemented. New participants will continue to be accepted; however, their fees will be used to expand the collection at no additional cost to the libraries already participating. This one-time fee, which can be as low as $500 varies by the size of the patron population served and enables users to access the initial title list of 3,431 titles. To see the title list, go to www.bcr.org/~ids/Reference/Netlibrary/NL-PL-Titlelist.html For information on fees and the sign-up form, go to BCR's netLibrary Web page: www.bcr.org/~ids/Reference/Netlibrary/NL-Menu.html.

OCLC FirstSearch ECO Reaches Milestone
OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online now contains more than 1 million articles in 3,895 electronic journals from 64 publishers. On March 11, an article from Advances in Computational Mathematics, from Kluwer Academic Publishers, was the 1 millionth journal article added to Electronics Collections Online.

World Book Discontinued in FirstSearch
OCLC has decided to discontinue per-search access to the World Book Encyclopedia effective June 19, 2002. No new subscriptions are being accepted, although current subscriptions will be honored for their full terms. The World Book Encyclopedia will be removed from FirstSearch on April 1, 2003, when all current subscriptions will have expired.

For more information please contact Karen Graham at BCR ([email protected]).

Acxiom Databases Removed from OCLC FirstSearch
The Acxiom Biz and Acxiom Home databases will be removed form the OCLC FirstSearch service effective June 19, 2002. OCLC decided to remove these two databases since the Web now offers several excellent telephone directories, many for free, and maintaining these very large databases on FirstSearch is no longer the best use of either OCLC's or a library's per-search resources.

Clarification to booksinprint.com Links through FirstSearch
Last month's column incorrectly indicated that access to Bowker booksinprint.com could be accomplished through the FirstSearch administrative module. In fact, links to holdings in WorldCat from booksinprint.com is done entirely on the Bowker side. This feature has been added to the administrative functions of Bowker booksinprint.com under "My Account - Detailed Account Information." Libraries wishing to enable this feature must enter their FirstSearch authorization number and complete a WorldCat profile in the Bowker administrative module. Step-by-step instructions are available at www.bookwire.com/bookwire/BIPalerts/OCLC/oclc.pdf. For support in implementing WorldCat linking from booksinprint.com, contact Bowker Books in Print at (800) 323- 3288.

BCR Waives Administrative Fees for LexisNexis
Effective immediately, BCR is waiving the $185 administrative fee on all fiscal year 2002-2003 LexisNexis subscriptions. BCR member libraries that have already completed a LexisNexis Web subscription form for the coming fiscal year will have the administrative fee removed from their bills.

For questions or to subscribe to any reference database, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger ([email protected]), Karen Graham ([email protected] or Laura Chittivej([email protected]).

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February 27, 2008
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