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LexisNexis Adds New Products
to BCR Annual Group Subscription

By James Speed Hensinger

BCR member libraries now have more options than ever from LexisNexis to meet patrons' needs. LexisNexis has added four new databases to its BCR offering:

  • Scholastic Universe (for secondary schools)
  • Current Issues Universe (for all library types)
  • Environmental Universe (for academic, public and state libraries)
  • Media Analyzer (for academics only)

Scholastic Universe is an exciting new product that for the first time gives secondary-school students access to premium LexisNexis content, linked to an easy-to-use Web interface. Students have access to sections on news, legal research, legislation and statistics, all specifically tailored to the research needs of secondary-school students.

BCR is now able to make this resource available at new, low pricing, but only to schools and libraries in BCR member states — Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The price is based on FTEs. To calculate the price for your school or library, go to www.bcr.org/~ids/Reference/CIS/CIS-Form-Scholastic.html The online form will calculate your costs without your having to submit the form and commit to ordering.

Current Issues Universe provides access to hard-to-find content. Student researchers will find reports, conference proceedings, official documents, organizational newsletters, fact sheets and briefing papers that are produced by all levels of government, academics, business and industry, but that are not published commercially. More than 9,000 documents are available from hundreds of organizations — advocacy groups, private think tanks, professional and trade associations, government agencies, university research centers and international organizations.

Environmental Universe provides tailored searching on a wide range of key environmental issues from a diverse collection of source types. Sources include journals, conference papers and proceedings, government reports, daily newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, newsletters, law reviews, environmental codes, case law and regulatory agency decisions.

Media Analyzer is a new tool for the academic market that enables students and researchers to analyze media coverage for more than 700 global companies and 28 industry sectors from 85 domestic and international sources with links to full text.

All BCR LexisNexis subscriptions expire concurrently on June 30, 2002. New subscribers are welcome. Both new subscriptions and renewals must be activated by completing BCR's Web order form. Go to BCR's LexisNexis Web page (www.bcr.org/~ids/Reference/CIS/CIS-menu.html) and then click on the appropriate order form for your subscription. (Each online form provides the pricing for the particular LexisNexis database and calculates an institution's costs without having to submit an order.)

For more information, contact BCR's Jim Hensinger ([email protected]).

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February 27, 2008
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