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This was the lead recipe in the Chefs of the West column on page 106 of the August 1988 issue of Sunset Magazine.

"Build a breakfast sandwich that'll sustain you till noon."

"Egg-based breakfast sandwiches are no novelty, thanks to recent efforts on the part of several fast-food chains. But James Hensinger's breakfast sandwich, on the other hand, is genuinely novel--a hybrid between a BLT and a peanut butter sandwich. Don't condem it without trying it; the combination is unexpectedly delicious, and the sandwich will sustain you until midday."

"It could, in fact, become a brown bag lunch if you carry the tomato separately and add it just before eating. Hensinger believes that the success of the sandwich depends upon having a really ripe, homegrown tomato."

Dear Sir:

The following is a contribution to Sunset Magazine's Chefs of the West.

Trust me enough to try this before you decide if it's exciting. I've told many friends about it, and met with a surprising number of narrow minds. I can only conclude that they have never experienced a "real" tomato. When tomatoes are in season, it seems a shame to waste any, so I often enjoy this sandwich for breakfast. if I brown bag a lunch, I carry the tomato whole and slice it at lunch time. This is a "wet" sandwich. Be prepared.

P.S. A ripe tomato can be judged by dropping it on the floor from counter height. if it splats into sauce, it was ripe. There is no such thing as a ripe (or even good) store bought tomato.

Breakfast Sandwich

James Speed Hensinger

Makes one hearty sandwich

2 slices whole-wheat bread
1 whole 4+" RIPE homegrown Beefsteak tomato
4-6 thick-cut bacon slices, cooked crisp
    About 3 taplespoons extra chunky style peanut butter

Toast bread.

Spread one slice of toast with a thick layer of peanut butter. (Hint: Warm the peanut butter slightly in the microwave to improve spreadability.)

Core stem area from tomato and slice two thick (1/2") pieces from the center. Reserve the unused end pieces for some lowly use such as a salad. Cut one of the two slices into two semicircles.

Arrange the full slice on the peanut butter covered toast. Place it off center into a corner and add tomato semicircles to fill out the sandwich.

Salt tomato to taste.

Arrange bacon evenly over tomato.

Cover with second piece of toast.


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