Whoa! That's Eggnog!

This is a very rich chocolate cinnamon eggnog that can be prepared in a microwave or on the stovetop.

James Speed Hensinger


(Ingredients are per person)

1 1/2 cup (12oz.) good commercial eggnog
1 hexagonal disc (2.1oz/60gram) Ibarra brand Mexican Chocolate/Cocoa para mesa
(Ibarra brand hot chocolate mix is sold in the Hispanic section of many markets. Look for a yellow and red hexangonal box.


-  Do NOT unwrap individual discs! Place wrapped disc flat on a paper towel on a hard surface such as a granite countertop or a heavy cutting board. Pound the flat face of the disc with a smooth meat hammer or large pestle to shatter the disc into crumbs. Be careful. If the plastic wrap tears, stop pounding to avoid making a mess.

-  Warm eggnog in a microwave safe glass container.

-  Transfer eggnog to blender.

-  Add UNwrapped crumbled chocolate to eggnog.

Be careful of hot liquids in blenders. Always use the cover.

-  Blend on low speed until most of the chocolate is incorporated (ten to thirty seconds). Small flecks of chocolate floating in eggnog are OK.

-  Blend 5 seconds on medium speed to incorporate air to lighten liquid and create foamy texture.

OPTIONAL:  Add rum, brandy, bourbon, or creme de menthe to taste.


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