Pelee Dogs

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Dear Recipe Contest Editor:

Please consider my recipe for Pelee Dogs under the category of Sandwiches. I created Pelee Dogs while on a camping trip in Point Pelee National Park (Canada) in 1967. I still enjoy Pelee Dogs several times a year (particularly at family picnics).

Pelee Dogs

James Speed Hensinger

1 can (3.75oz.) Crown-Prince Norway Sardines in mustard Sauce
2 Hot dogs
2 Hot dog buns
2 oz. Ketchup

Grill the hot dogs. A certain woodsy ambience can only be achieved over an open fire, although any backyard grill will do.

Toast the open sides of the buns.

Place the hot dogs in the buns.

Apply one half of the sardines to each hot dog mashing slightly with a fork.

Top with ketchup to taste.


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