Title, Uniform: Devonshire
Title: DEVONSHIRE / WITH / EXCESTER DESCRIBED / and the armes of such / nobles as haue borne the / titles of them.
Map-Maker: Speed
Date of Publication: 1676
Publisher/Seller: Performed by Iohn Speede And are to be / sold by / Tho:Basett in FleetStreet and / Ric:Chiswell in St. Pauls Church yard
ID #: 74
Call #: Thea-DE-060
Inset Map: BR town = Excester
Frame Type: Mylar Envelope (large)
Media Type: Sheet Map - Folio
Height (cm): 37.5
Width (cm): 51
Description: Outline color, gold border, margins trimmed, but good. Blue watered silk ocean.
References: Devonshire Purchase docs.
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