Title, Uniform: Dorsetshire
Title: DORSETSHYRE / With the Shyre towne Dorchester described, as also the Armes of / such noble families as have bene honored with the Titles there. / of since the NORMANS conquest to this present Anno 1610
Map-Maker: Speed
Plate Date: 1610
Publisher/Seller: none
ID #: 75
Call #: Thea-DO-020
Engraver: Jodocus Hondius
Inset Map: TL town DORCHESTER
Frame Type: Mylar Envelope (large)
Media Type: Sheet Map - Folio
Height (cm): 38.5
Width (cm): 51
Description: Single blue line outlining the Shyre. Poor condition, brown tone to paper with light stripe on fold, missing LT corner Margins trimmed to neatline.

Damaged in shipping. Re-imbursed by USPS.

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